Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Graduates


Darryl Agliam, Thesis, Engaging Community Online: Black, Indigenous and People of Color and Museum Exhibitions

Joseph Bartholomew Angiulo, Exhibit, "Conclave City: Knights Templar Triennials in San Francisco, 1883 and 1904"

Megan Dobbs, Thesis, Decolonizing Exhibitions 

Melissa Hyson, Examination Research Area, Developing Exhibits on Immigration from Latin American Countries to the United States in Midwestern American Museums

Eva Laflamme, Examination Research Area, Diversifying Community Engagement and Fundraising In Historic House Museums

Emma Jean Moore, Exhibit, "The Richmond Museum of History and Culture's Japanese American Memorial Garden"

Dylainie Irene Nathlich, Exhibit, “Marin Headlands - Built Environments,” Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Ana Isabel Navarro, Examination Research Area, Fundraising in San Francisco Bay Area Museums during the Shelter in Place

Kathryn Joanne Papoulias, Thesis, A Rising Tide: Climate Change Programming for Teens in Aquariums and Zoos

Tiana Viola Raihn, Examination Research Area, How Museums Serve the Deaf Community

Rose Tocchini, Thesis, Risks, Rewards, and Relevancy in 21st-Century Art Museum Volunteer-Program Management

David Ward, Examination Research Area, Insights For Museums: The Challenges of Developing and Maintaining Partnerships For Community Development between Tribal Nations and Governmental Entities

Rebecca Jean Young, Examination Research Area, Membership Programs in History Museums


Nicholas Archer, history

Robin Bunting, art history

Leonard Caoili, cinema

Cameron Cohn, art history

Morgan Ellis, photojournalism

Joseph Grossblatt, history

Kayla Hernandez, art history

Phoebe Melanson, studio art

Jazmine Morales, marketing

Angela Tran, studio art

Avery Wilcox, photojournalism

Lauren Wilson, studio art

Sofia Zereyohannes, art history

Congrats to our Grads for AY 2020-21!

Museum Studies M.A. Graduates

Cindy Gieng, thesis, Integrating Museum Education into Classrooms: K-12 Educators and Professional Development

Nicole Lavay, thesis, Equitable Teen Engagement in Art Museums

AlexandrIa M. Lowery, thesis, The Care and Management of Rare Book Collections in Museum Settings

Sarah K. Loyd, thesis: The Future of Museum Education and Technology

Cassondra Nichole McMichael, thesis, Database Migrations: Why and How Museums Migrate to New Collection Management Systems

Ruby Ming, thesis: Museums and School Partnerships for Visual Arts Education in Underserved Communities

Gladys A. Ochoa, creative work project, A Celebration of Birds: Bird Imagery in the Traditional Folk Arts of Latin and South America

Alan J. Scardera, thesis, Moving the Sutro: An Analysis and Guide to Moving Museum Collections

Theresa Lillian Von Dohlen, creative work project, Tourism and the Travel of Treasures

Museum Studies Minor Graduates

Hiro Edeza

Kayla Hernandez

Kate Shaylan Kiley

Anissa Colmenero Nichter

Heather Lee Peviani

Lucas Smith

Kamryn Paige-Shaw Trinkino

Jimmy Xu

Justin Yee