2018 Graduates

Museum Studies 2018 graduates and museum staff

L-R top row: MS Faculty/Global Museum staff Paige Bardolph and Edward M. Luby with M.A. Graduates Eliana Zacarias,

Nancy Her, Sara Godin, Deborah Morgan, Karissa Hurzeler, and Fernanda Valenzuela Hurtado; 

L-R bottom row MS Faculty/Global Museum staff Christine Fogarty and Gina Caprari with M.A. Graduate Lindy Lou Ingram. 

Anh Bui

Art And Society: How Vietnamese Independent Arts Organizations Serve and Impact Communities

Edward Collins

Maintaining History: Museums Facilities Management at Historic Sites

Abigail Decker

Accessing Museums: The Role of Accessibility in Museum Exhibition Development

Eryn Espiritu

Branding for Small and Mid-Size Museums: Relationships, Messaging, and Identity

Sara Godin

The Social Museum: Youtube and Collections Management

Nancy Her

The Preservation of Hmong Intangible Cultural Heritage in American Museums

Karissa Hurzeler

Evaluating the Management of Ancient Coin Collections in American Museums

Lindi Lou Ingram

The Planning and Management of Museum Cultural Demonstrations

Jack Moorhead

Exhibiting the Artist: Exhibition Development and Design in Artist Studio Museums

Deborah Morgan

Museums Decolonizing with Holistic Intentionality: Curatorial and Descendant-Community

Jordan Pellew-Harvey

How Are Collections Management Units Involved in Digitization Across The U.S.?

Michelle Sohnlein

Mending Societal Rifts: Argentine Museums, Spaces of Memory and Exhibiting Difficult Histories

Adriana Schweikert

Partnerships and Collaboration for Open Access to Digital Collections

Kimberly Torrez

Risky Collections: The Care And Management Of Hazardous Objects

Maria Fernanda Valenzuela Hurtado

Opening-Up Storage: Collections Access As Public Programming; Recipient of the FONCA Scholarship Program of the Mexican National Fund for Culture and Arts, 2015-2018; Department Honoree, 2018 Distinguished Graduate Student Award; currently interning at the Getty Museum. Read more about Fernanda at this article.

Kelin Verrette

Expanding Contexts: Partnerships Between Indigenous Communities and Museums

Eliana Zacarias

Museums and Immigrant Communities: Effective Public Programming