2017 Graduates

Kelsey Marie Clark

Curatorial Responses to Demographic Changes in American Cities

Kelsey Ann Coil

Mindful Museums: Engaging Visitors with Memory Loss and Their Care Partners

McLaren Cundiff

Selections of Records for Digitization and the Impact of Record Digitization on Analog Record Management

Ian Gill

Assessing the Impact of Open Access on Museum Image Use Policy

Monica Samantha Hernandez

Vacationland: A History of Northern California Destinations, exhibited Hayward Area Historical Society, June-September 2016; Department Honoree, 2017 Distinguished Graduate Student Award

Shae Iwasaki

Social Media and Museums: Reframing Audience Engagement in the Digital Communication Age

Maude Visinand

Reflections, exhibited Gallery Sanchez, San Francisco, April-May 2017

Anthony Stephen Wilson

How Maritime Museums Stay Afloat: Collections Care of Objects for Public Learning