2015 Graduates

Anela Margarita Alvidrez

Learn and Play: How Visitor-Centered Museums Incorporate K-12 Common Core Standards

Michelle Georgette Beerli

Social Inclusion Practices Within Museums

Rebecca Lee Drudge

The Implications of Cataloguing Posthumous Photographs in Museums in the Digital Age

Allyson Nicole Ferrari

Developing Audiences: Programs for Individuals With Disabilities in Children's Museums; Department Honoree, 2015 Distinguished Graduate Student Award

Joshua Tyler Freimark

Integrated Pest Management in Historical Collections of the 21st Century

Sara Justin

Engaging Community in Collections Care

Erin Olson

History Housing History: Collections Management and Care in Historical Sites and Structures

Laura Alejandra Rodriguez Bandala

Handling With Care: Processing Special Materials for Exhibitions

Alexandra Elaine Southard

Creating Community Engagement: The Role of Community Advisory Councils in Museums

Melissa Appleton Standen

Evaluation: Inviting the Visitor into the Exhibition Development Process

Crystal Renee Taylor

Community: A Collaborative Perspective to Curatorial Practices

Veena Vijayakumar

STEAM Powered: Integrating the Arts and Sciences into Museum Educational Practices; Recipient of the 2013-2014 Provost Scholar Award for Museum Studies