Withdrawal from a Course


Students should speak with the course instructor about withdrawing from the course after the first drop deadline. In the Museum Studies Program, all withdrawal requests are handled electronically, and go through a multiple approval process, beginning with the course instructor, moving to the department chair, and then a final approval with the associate dean of the college. To initiate the withdrawal process, complete and submit to the instructor the Petition for Withdrawal form, which the instructor signs then turns in to the department office for processing during the grading period. Withdrawals are accepted after the drop deadline, through week 12, for the following serious and compelling reasons:

  • Illness Disability-related
  • Emotional problem
  • Family emergencies such as illness and death
  • Change in childcare
  • Change in work hours
  • Financial problems

Withdrawals during weeks 13-15 are permitted only in cases of verified accident or documented serious illness, or when an incomplete is not practical (standard university policy).