Graduate Student Award for Distinguished Achievement

Academic Award Details

Every spring semester, the Museum Studies Program has the opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of a graduate student who is currently completing or has recently completed her/his degree by nominating an outstanding student for the Graduate Student Award for Distinguished Achievement.

During the spring semester, a committee from the Museum Studies Program nominates a Museum Studies student for the award, after a list of potential nominees with a grade-point average of 3.75 and above is forwarded to the program from the Division of Graduate Studies. To be considered, nominees need to have graduated last August or in January of the current academic year, or to have applied for graduation in May or August of the current year.

In addition to GPA and time of graduation, the Museum Studies committee considers the academic achievement represented by the thesis or creative work project, and the potential nominee's service to the museum profession. The nomination is forwarded to and reviewed by the College of Liberal & Creative Arts and Graduate Studies.

If selected, the recipient will be notified by the Division of Graduate Studies by the beginning of May and will be recognized, if attending, at the Graduate Recognition Ceremony, usually held on the third Wednesday of May at McKenna Theatre on the SFSU campus. At this ceremony, the roughly 100 recipients of the Graduate Student Award for Distinguished Achievement across the entire campus will participate in a ceremony recognizing their outstanding achievements. See also related: CSU Student Research Competition