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The mission of the Museum Studies Program is to develop future museum professionals through highly structured coursework in a setting where museums’ educational efforts, collections and interactions with community are of central concern. Students are engaged in a 21st-century landscape, where responsiveness to the significant changes taking place in the museum profession are integrated into curriculum, activities and professional development.

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The Museum Studies Program views museums as vibrant places of education, emerging centers of community and stewards of the world’s irreplaceable cultural and natural collections. In order to support this view of museums and to maintain the relevance of museums to communities, the Museum Studies Program educates and trains the museum employees of tomorrow by supplying them with a core set of professional skills, keen analytic abilities, a deep understanding of museum professionalism and an appreciation of a lifelong learning.

We envision a learning experience in the Museum Studies Program that reflects highly ethical, educationally and community-focused museum practice, prepares museum professionals to proactively address both the long-standing and newly emerging challenges facing the museum world and is integrated seamlessly with the concerns of 21st-century working museum professionals.

We also envision a learning experience in the Museum Studies Program that thoughtfully explores the connections between museum theory and practice; produces research and practice-based studies that are useful, reflective and of the highest quality; and supports a culture of excellence, creativity and innovation for developing museum professionals.

Finally, we envision a learning experience in the Museum Studies Program that allows our graduates to be leaders in the profession, acknowledges the transformative role of museums in a globally connected society and is dedicated to understanding the central role of museums in education, community and as stewards of cultural and natural heritage.

Master of Arts Program in Museum Studies

The Master of Arts program in Museum Studies is an independent, interdisciplinary professional program housed in the School of Art, a division in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts. The Museum Studies Program builds upon students’ previous academic studies in museum-related disciplines by emphasizing practical experience, professionalism and important developments in Museum Studies. Museum Studies students include mid-career museum professionals, people from other professional career fields and recent Bachelor of Arts graduates.

The program has more than 400 alumni since its establishment in 1987. Many have found employment at all career levels throughout the U.S., from the Getty to the Smithsonian.

For more information about the Master of Arts in Museum Studies, go here.

Minor in Museum Studies

Effective in Fall 2016, the undergraduate Minor in Museum Studies is rigorous, interdisciplinary and pre-professional in nature. The Minor prepares students for the Master of Arts degree in Museum Studies, or for additional on-the-job training for work in museums.

For more information about the Minor in Museum Studies, go here.

Museum Studies Courses

For a complete listing of all courses in Museum Studies, visit the Bulletin here.